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Dermatology + Plastic Surgery Offers “Couples Clinic”

Couples learn how to get more involved in each other’s skin cancer care

When it comes to skin cancer and mole screenings, it helps to have a partner who can check out the “hard-to-see-it-yourself” areas on your body like your back. That’s the idea behind the Couples Clinic – to get patients to consider a “team” approach to dermatologic skin cancer care. There is no better time than February to remind couples of this important health date.

Couples Clinic allows partners to schedule their skin cancer screening appointments together so Dr. Saluja or her physician assistant, Adrienne Vargas, can explain how best to approach home screening for potential trouble spots that could be skin cancer, and changing or new moles.

“The goal of this is to have patients and their loved ones more involved in each other’s care in a positive way, providing them with the confidence to identify worrisome spots. This helps lead to an earlier diagnosis and then earlier treatment for a more successful outcome,” says Dr. Saluja. “Once a partner can see what we diagnose and how we scan and study the skin, they can be more aware and able to call attention to anything that should be checked.”

“It is extremely important that patients be diagnosed in a timely manner when it comes to skin cancer,” she says. “Couples Clinic provides another way for patients to gain peace of mind to begin a course of treatment in a more timely fashion.”

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