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Happy New Year – 2018 Beauty Buzz

Happy New Year!

We are welcoming 2018 by paraphrasing Maya Angelou, “Our mission in 2018 is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. “

We invite you to continue your aesthetic journey with us in 2018!

 The Beauty Buzzwords of 2018 –



Pre-juvenation: Preventative treatments and early maintenance for men and women in their 20s and 30s who want to slow down the hands of time & forestall bigger procedures and surgery
Age Freezing: Regular, maintenance visits to your aesthetician & dermatologist so that you “stay frozen in time”… but do not look frozen! Your best skin happens by appointment, not by chance.
Neocollagenesis: This is a fancy word for collagen stimulation! We start losing collagen in our 30s and treatments like Sculptra or Vivace radio frequency can help, as can our favorite Vitamin A/retinoid cream (Renova!).
Stackable treatments: By stacking (or layering) peels, injectables, laser treatments and advanced skin care, this multiple treatment therapy can be delivered in one visit to generate an optimal outcome

The Top Aesthetic Trends for 2018-

Micro-Botox and Micro-filler: Botox and filler injected in smaller quantities to treat lines before they surface and injected more superficially for smoother skin.
Lip Enhancement: The trend continues as more filler options are available, whether goals are to diminish fine lines, add moisture, or volumize.
A Shift off the Face: In office laser vaginal rejuvenation and noninvasive fat reduction (Trusculpt 3D) are on the rise as no-downtime treatments become well tolerated with consistent results. Breast surgery and high definition liposuction are here to stay for dramatic changes.
Unique, Signature Treatments: Combining treatments uniquely to deliver signature results and enhancing outcomes with PRP (platelet rich plasma) & PRF (platelet rich fibrin), radiofrequency, laser, and skin care.

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