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Our Professional Revitalizing Peel (APEELE) – Lilly’ s Experience

Hello Best Self Family, my name is Lilly and I am one of the newest additions to Dr. Saluja & Dr. Novo’s team!

I recently had a professional revitalizing peel (APEELE) done by one of our rock-star medical aestheticians, Christy. Preparation of my skin and application of this medium depth chemical peel occurred in under 30 minutes. Good news – the peel was painless! I started to peel in a couple of days and peeled for 3 days. Christy’s professional and knowledgeable advice helped to jump start my new skin care regimen for this season. I have particularly liked SalujaMD’s Refresh+ Cleanser and Skinmedica’s HA5 for anti-aging plus hydration. I am noticing a positive change in my complexion and skin texture. Of course, I wear daily SPF- you must, too!

Additionally, I have noticed that one of the many benefits of my peel is that it helps my home skin care products work more effectively.

Spring means a fresh, new season and a perfect opportunity to shed our built up winter skin to reveal a refreshed complexion! Key ingredients of our professional peel (APEELE) include:

* TCA – Trichloroacetic Acid for penetration and the stimulation of collagen growth
* Retin-A – a gold standard in anti-aging; vitamin A derivative to combat wrinkles
* Hydroxy acids – an exfoliant blend aiding in the removal of dead skin cells
* Phenol – has antiseptic and anesthetic properties which aid in skin penetration
* Hydroquinone – lightens pigmentation

The good news is our office is having a special event soon. On April 5th from 9am -5pm, join our ofice for “The Peel Plus Event”. Book an appointment for you and a friend and both receive an APEELE revitalizing peel for the price of one. We will also be offering a free gift when you purchase $175 in SkinMedica products because we believe in the value of a daily skin care regimen. Can’t wait to meet you and see you soon!

Cautions: Please inform us if you have a history of herpes (fever blisters). Do not get a peel if you have a sunburn or suntan, have recently taken Accutane, or are pregnant or nursing.

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